Britza ‘Optimistic’ about being No 17 on ballot paper

The people of New England have the opportunity to hold the balance of power in the federal Government and make a statement to ensure they are heard and see real decisions that benefit the region.

There is so much promotion by the National Party about what Mr Joyce has done for the electorate, but people have to remember the majority of the wins for the electorate were by Tony Windsor, but Mr Joyce claimed the credit and put his name on them as they were delivered after Tony Windsor retired.

I am encouraging all the candidates in the campaign to preference between all other candidates before Mr Joyce, to ensure that when he is pushed to preferences, they do not flow to him and ensure a true representative member like myself can be elected.

There are a number of key issues that need to be focused on in this campaign including the overarching of bureaucracy, financial impost of regulation and illegitimate legal enforcement outside rule of law that is stifling most industry in New England and Australia.

A recent announcement re pilot training in New England has a limited future with general aviation on its knees and only a full investigation into CASA will make things better for the aviation industry.

Agriculture industry is also severely, financially affected. Continual changes to regulation that require farmers to spend more and more to comply is just unacceptable.

It’s time to remove red tape and review real impact on all industry from unnecessary regulation.

Water issues, the money hungry National and Liberal Parties are more interested in what they can get from mining, whether in royalties or financial party support, that they ignore the real issue of potential irreversible damage to the Namoi water table that will cripple not only agriculture in the region but have flow on effects to the Marry Darling System and agriculture across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

My Joyce has the Water trigger that Tony Windsor had established to ensure that any mining, existing and future can be forced to ensure water is protected. Why did Mr Joyce not use the power he had to ensure the water table was protected, Money?

I am used to coming from behind in an unwinnable election, as I did 8 years ago when the Labor Party held Morley with an 11.3% margin. I ultimately came within 1% of their primary vote and won on preferences. I then again won it 4 years later with an increased margin.

“IT’S TIME to return New England to the COUNTRY PARTY”.


Ian Britza

Candidate for New England

Australian Country Party

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