Mr Joyce is the biggest Opportunist in the New England By-Election

Country Party responds to comments on ‘out of towners’ in New England by Barnaby Joyce.

After recent comments by Mr Joyce about ‘out of towners’ being opportunists and just chasing money for their parties, Country Party NSW Coordinator Glenn O’Rourke said It was good to see other candidates calling him out on the fact he was a Blow-in from Queensland when he won the seat in 2013.

Mr Joyce should not be running in this election on the basis of numerous legal actions that could be taken soon, directly relating to his potential constitutional false declaration / perjury in relation to his claim to be only an Australian citizen, not once but 4 times over his political career.

Firstly, there is the fact that he breached the constitution and illegally ticked the section 44 box, then potential financial implications of section 46 of the constitution that states he can be sued $200 (£100) per day for every day he is in breach of section 44, 12+ years.

Finally, the personal financial implications of having to pay back all his income and allowances, which could potentially see him declared bankrupt. This is where he is the biggest opportunist in this by-election.

The protection racket that is run in Federal Parliament will ensure he does not have to re-pay the earned monies, as his political mates in both Labor and Liberals will ensure he, along with all their other mates, will be protected. New England could be back at the polls in months if or when he becomes ineligible again.

Then there is the opportunistic position he holds in an electorate that was always held by the Country Party, then the Nationals, until New England woke up to the fact that the Nationals no longer represent the electorate and just spend money and make decisions to ensure one of their own, like Mr Joyce, gets a Job.

The traditional Country Party and National Party voters started to wake up and voted in an independent until they felt betrayed, then took a gamble on the safe option of going back to the Nationals. They are now taken for granted and only receive benefits when it is needed to provide an ongoing job for one of the boys; Mr Joyce.

The voters know they are not truly heard or represented and are aware of so many of the political and other open secret issues, that are common knowledge around town, in relation to the ‘real’ Mr Joyce and whathe really stands for; a puppet to the city managers of the Coalition, of which the Nationals do what they are told.

Ian Britza says he may not live in the electorate, but he spent a large part of his life living in NSW (like Mr Joyce had before he was parachuted from Queensland into the electorate) and his Son’s family and grandchildren live in NSW. He was already moving back to NSW before there was any news of a by-election. Once the by-election was a possibility, Ian decided that he would move to New England if elected and wanted to seek to truly and honestly represent New England, which he believes is currently being taken for granted by the Nationals and Mr Joyce.

Ian Britza keeps reminding people he is an experienced conservative parliamentarian, with a social conscious, who can represent New England from a Balance of Power position and deliver much more from that position than Mr Joyce ever can.

As Mr Britza keeps saying throughout his campaign, If New England just wants to continue with a politician, who says and does what he needs to, to keep his job, then vote for Mr Joyce. If you want a true parliamentarian who will get out and work with the people of New England to make life better then vote for the Country Party and Ian Britza.

Ian Britza keeps reminding the people of New England that ‘It’s time to return New England to the Country Party’, and the historic values and true representation the Country Party held prior to 1975.



Glenn O’Rourke – NSW Co-ordinator

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