“Australian Country Party candidate “Blair Ann Verrier” called on voters to punish the incompetence of our nation’s leaders for our escalating power costs.”

If you’re not serious about bringing down power costs or building new clean coal power plants or generators then it’s time to step aside and hand it over to people or a party that will.  Currently there are  over 725 coal power stations operating in ASIA with a further 1142 coming online or under construction, all looking to achieve a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions while new advancements having the Germans and Japan aiming at 50%”  Miss Verrier said today.

It seems that not only are Turnbull and Shorten falling behind in technology, they are also ignoring the warnings of others on what our 3D-Park will deliver to our district and to Australia.   Australia used to be the lucky country with leading technologies coupled with the world’s cheapest power, but if we continue to follow these leaders then the outcome is obvious.  Make your vote count this election and elect me and the party “for the Country of Australia” The Australian Country Party.    I along with our incoming Senate candidate will ensure that the people of Longman are truly represented and not ignored as they have been so openly in the past”.   Australian Country Party candidate, Blair Verrier stated today.



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