Australian Country Party Commences National Expansion

Australian Country Party (ACP) has commenced its National Expansion.

Australian Country Party is a political party that aims to register in every State and Territory in 2019.

ACP will be a Political Party that represents ALL the People of Australia.

The philosophy of ACP is PEOPLE before PARTY and POLICIES before POLITICS.

ACP is a democratic political party because, we understand that members want to and need to play an active role. 

Other Major Political Parties no longer represent the people 

Above all, people have had enough of the current, party agenda first, of the major political parties.

People are sick of the opposition of policies, just because the other political party came up with them, hence, this is unacceptable.

Finally, people want a political party to hear their cries and propose and amend legislation in the interests of Australia and its people.

As a result, the people of Australia want a political party that can truly represent them because they want to be heard.

The Australian Country Party is that Political Party!

Therefore, in contrast to most other political parties, ACP  members will play an active role in policy development, party direction, candidate endorsement and political leadership selection.

The ACP  will grow an alliance of Independent MP’s and Candidates, under its brand, at Federal, State and Territory and Local Council levels.

Quality Candidates are now being sought, that are committed to the need to build the support of their electorate.

Candidates that understand that it is a long-term commitment, to listen to and represent their people.

Finally, Support our National Expansion:

  • Nominate for Local Council, State and Territory and Federal Electorates NOW.
  • Sign up for our newsletter now, to be kept up to date on developments.
  • Consider joining the party to play a part in this exciting adventure for the future of Australia.
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