Rural and Farming

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The Australian Country Party is committed to grassroots, local community engagement for the development of diverse position statements and policy development across Australia.

The grassroots communities in Australia will have their own specific needs and ideas and will be reflected clearly on our website and future electorate specific websites.

Our policies will always remain fluid and always updating, in line with the most important issues raised by the majority of people across Australia.


This policy is designed to enhance the management and mitigation of bush fires and reduce the negative impact of these fires on the community and the environment.

For many years now there has been a noticeable increase in restrictions by all levels of government, which prevent and hinder private landholders in the removal of vegetation, for the purpose of reducing fuel loads, restrictions that prevent them from adequately protecting their assets…………….Read More


We want to see a major change in the current attitude towards the management of firearms issues in Australia, we want to see a system where legitimate use of firearms is permitted while maintaining the standards of public health, safety and security, along the theme of, REGULATE THE PERSON NOT THE OBJECT…………….Read More


Some foreign aid is necessary, however given some of the countries our tax dollars have been going to in the past it is easy to see why people are unhappy about the way this system is managed and the money allocated…………….Read More


Foreign ownership is an emotive issue, while it is all well and good for people to say we should not have any foreign ownership of our farming land, we would prefer that there was no actual ownership by foreign entities allowed, investment yes, ownership of a percentage of a property no, but the reality is, successive Major Party governments have put us in a situation where, at this stage, it is a necessary evil…………….Read More


Australian Governments have introduced the Vegetation Management and Other Legislation restricting vegetation clearing, it is our position to strongly oppose the changes made as a result of many legislations, we believe that these changes have been made more for the purpose of appeasing city based green and environmental groups and an attempt to grab votes from urban voters who have little to no knowledge of the actual circumstances and facts, than for any real positive environmental benefit…………….Read More