Foreign Aid Policy

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Some foreign aid is necessary, however given some of the countries our tax dollars have been going to in the past it is easy to see why people are unhappy about the way this system is managed and the money allocated.

There is no problem with aiding our friendly neighbours and other friendly countries, however it has been the practice to send taxpayers hard earned money to nations that hate us, only to see examples of where this aid has been misused by the recipients of this aid on things like attack helicopters and limousines for politicians, the entire system needs to be significantly overhauled.


  1. We believe that a test should be applied before any aid is given, this being, “If the situation was reversed, would that nation reciprocate,” if there is any doubt, then we should refrain from providing aid to that nation.
  2. We believe and will work towards a system where, instead of aid in the form of money, we utilise Australian primary products, both in the raw and processed form, and Australian personnel to provide training and guidance in certain areas.