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The Australian Country Party, the “Party for the Country of Australia” was originally founded in 2004 as the ‘Country Alliance’ out of concerns among various interest groups.

We obtained registration in Victoria in 2005 and contested the 2006 and 2010 Victorian state elections in three and then four of the eight upper house regions.

The party was then registered for federal elections.

In 2014 the Victorian Executive of Katter’s Australian Party voted to merge with Country Alliance to form ‘Australian Country Alliance’, an independent party with broader policies that stand for all Victorians and Australians, without forgetting it’s rural and regional roots.

At the November 2014 Victorian election, we ran a record 52 candidates, with 9 lower house candidates achieving on or over 4% with two not quite reaching 10% of the vote. Robert Danieli was leading in the results for Northern Victoria in the Legislative Council only to be beaten by Labor in the last 10% of preference distribution.

In 2015 both the Victorian Electoral Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission approved the party name change to Australian Country Party.

The Australian Country Party is now embarking on its aim to have a National Vision for Rural and Regional Australia and be a true alternative party for Australians who are looking for a ‘REAL’ Party to hear and represent their concerns on a local level to vote for, now people have identified the ‘Party First’ approach that the Majors have adopted.