Party Core Values

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Australian Country Party Core Values

  • Our sustenance, our wealth and our future all reside in the land beneath our feet. This wealth belongs to the Australian people and should always be developed and used in the best interests of the Australian people.
  • It is the land we share that unites us as one people. Regardless of ethnic or racial origin or how long our ancestors have lived in this country, every person born in Australia is an equal indigenous citizen of this country, including First Australians, with equal rights to share in the opportunities, resources and responsibilities of our land.
  • The only way we can have a country that works for everyone is when everyone in the country works and does so under the same laws. Citizenship of our great country demands that subject only to our mental and physical capacity to do so every citizen should hold a job or run a lawful business sufficient to care for themselves and their family.
  • Policies that reinforce traditional Australian values at the time of the foundation of the Country and opposition to policies and practices which negate or undermine these values.
  • Patriotism, built around the foundations of an independent foreign policy based on the national interest, self-reliance in defence, and insistence on Australia’s sovereignty over financial markets or international agencies.
  • We cannot borrow our way to prosperity. Present borrowing and the resulting growing debt is a burden on the people that will destroy our standard of living if not curtailed and reversed.
  • Accountability of governments to parliaments and parliaments to the people and the equality of all before the law. There should be an ICAC established Federally and in every State and Territory to ensure the honesty and integrity of all Governments in Australia.
  • We will reverse the three decades of failure to fully invest in the infrastructure needed to supply our growing population with basic services like water, power, gas and fuel.
  • Reliance on imported fuel is a major weakness of our defence capability as well as the ability of our Nation’s people and industry to continue to operate and produce prosperity. We must return to refining fuel in Australia and seek to utilise Australian oil, to develop a large and reliable reserve as part of Australia’s energy security.
  • Only a strong and self-sufficient defence force can defend our island Nation. We must produce and have available here in Australia all of the resources and back-up required to maintain an operational capability.
  • Ownership and managing of utilities such as transport facilities, ports, electricity production and distribution, water conservation and distribution and gas distribution must always be vested with the people and managed by entities controlled by the people. Doing so and combined with our natural resources of land, water, climate and the know-how of our adaptive and competitive people, we can be the most prosperous Nation on earth.
  • Ensuring that ‘selling off the farm’ (this includes, land, housing, businesses, infrastructure and public assets) does not place Australia’s interests effectively in foreign hands.
  • Without personal freedom and unfettered opportunity, we cannot have prosperity. Both are dependent on curtailing the size of Government, repealing bureaucratic regulation, destroying terrorism and fighting totalitarianism and globalisation which are the enemies of freedom and the people’s opportunity to succeed.